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Affordable and effective online training, helping therapists gain confidence with client connection, consultations and recommendations, while increasing sales and exceeding client expectations.

course curriculum


A message from one therapist to another


  • 1. Taking the clients booking

  • 2. The Clients First Impression

  • 3. Therapists Presentation Standards

  • 4. Meeting and Greeting the Client


  • 5. Making the most out of the Client Consultation

  • 6. Asking open ended questions and building an information bank

  • 7. Diagnosing and Educating your client based on their concern

  • 8. Diagnosis and Education example

  • 9. Performing an Exceptional Treatment with presence and grace


  • 10. Closing the treatment

  • 11. Prescribing, Rebooking and overcoming our 'money stories'

  • 12. Putting it all together


13. Introduction to Personality types

14. Communicating with Dominant Clients

15. Communicating with Influence Clients

16. Communicating with Steady Clients

17. Communicating with Calculated Clients

18. Personality close


12. Putting it all together


What is included?

When signing up to Beaute Therapist, you're signing your entire team up for a years access to the above content.

How does my team get access?

Register an email and password that your team would recognise (ie. and dayspa123)

Log onto and log in to start learning.

When the team has a client cancellation, is quiet on the appointment books, traveling to and from work or even as an induction, they can log into the course and start learning!

How do I make payment?

There are two types of payment, monthly or annually. 

Monthly payment is deducted from your nominated bank account, verses annual payment is one complete deduction.

Does someone come and train my team?

No! That's the beauty of Beaute Therapist - it's an online platform so that your therapists don't have to leave your space, nor does anyone need to come in.

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