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Beaute Therapist is an extension of Beaute Industrie, run by Founding Director, Tamara Shaw-Reid, and exists as an online learning platform for the professional beauty therapist.

Beaute Therapist is about understanding the four key metrics of value, experience, service and price - while being able to move beyond performing average treatments, through to providing an exceptional client journey. We're big on encouraging connection during consultation, and advanced conversations that create relationships and show how knowledgeable the professional therapists is.

The beauty industry is evolving, as too are our clients.

A great treatment no longer suffices to be enough, hence our clients are demanding more from therapists with high expectations of service. Business Owners no longer have the time nor money to send therapists into the classroom, therefore we have created an online learning portal with interactive video content, in a flexible and easily accessible way for therapists to access.

Tamara's style of training and conversation is black and white, there's very little grey here. She gets to the point in a fun and easy to understandable way, which therapists find refreshing, yet adaptable to their own clients and treatments. Being a qualified therapist herself, therapists find Tamara to be approachable and influential at the same time

With team development in mind, Beaute Therapist is purchased by the Business Owner, for the entire teams use and access for a twelve month period from sign up.

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